Penn State QB Sean Clifford Deletes Social Media After Receiving Death Threats

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Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford told reporters on Tuesday that he deleted his social media accounts after he received death threats.

Clifford said he usually takes a break from social media around the time of games, but after Penn State's recent 31-26 loss to Minnesota, he decided to make a more permanent change.

"I completely deleted it," Clifford said, per 247 Sports. "I usually delete it closer to games, but I completely deleted it after the Minnesota game. It's kind of sad to say but you know how fans sometimes get. It gets a little crazy. I was kind of, I guess, sick and tired of getting death threats, and some pretty explicit and pretty tough-to-read messages.

"But you know, you learn how to deal with certain things and, and how certain people are just gonna react because you know, it's a very passionate game with a lot of passionate people. You know, our fans are, are definitely one of, if not, the most passionate in the country. I just try to stay away from it. I appreciate all of the positive people that are around, but there's also people that try to tear you down. It's always just been better to keep your head away from that kind of stuff."

Clifford was 23-of-43 with 340 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions, including his last pick came on the game's final drive, against Minnesota.

Coach James Franklin told the media he supports for Clifford and shared how online comments can paint the season in a negative light.

"I don't know where we are as a society, it's concerning," Franklin said, via ESPN. "We're 9-1, we're ranked in the top 10, I think. We've had a pretty good year based on most people's standards, and sometimes you go on social media and you wouldn't feel that way."

Clifford is staying focused on Penn State's highly-anticipated game against Ohio State this weekend and said the team will have the "best week of preparation" before the matchup. The No. 2 Buckeyes will host the No. 9 Nittany Lions on Saturday at noon ET.