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Brian Kelly and Lincoln Riley Show What College Football Is All About: Unchecked

There’s no "I" in team but there should be one in coach as proven by both Lincoln Riley and Brian Kelly very recently

First of all, let me be very clear, I do not blame either nor am I against the moves they made. However, nothing could make the sham of major college sports being anything other than a big business more obvious.

I also wouldn’t blame fans and especially Oklahoma or Notre Dame players if they were upset today. Because the lesson they’ve learned from their college coaches is to get yours no matter the circumstances. How else could they possibly take the rapid departure of the men they were recruited by in the midst of winning seasons or being broken up with via text message

In Kelly’s case, he bowed out right before Notre Dame might’ve had the chance to get blown out in another College Football Playoff game. There is something to be said for the opportunity of coaching LSU where three straight coaches have won a national championship. And as for Riley, the appeal of living near USC and being out of the SEC is more than understandable.

But there’s also the bags involved with each as let’s just say both men are going to be paid handsomely giving them basically unlimited leverage when it comes to running a program. 

Again, I’m not saying they are wrong or that there was even a better way to handle leaving. I guess all I’m saying is let’s not pretend college football is all about the love of the game, because football coaches are the superstars of college period...and they are always free agents.