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Stellar, Standard & Subpar: WR Ethon Williams

A wide receiver with huge upside who missed almost all of last season, Williams is primed to make a big return in 2021.

The summer is here and college football is right around the corner. As we get closer to the season, BC Bulletin will be previewing each player and projecting out three different options that could happen in the 2021 season. We are going in numerical order, and have already completed over a dozen players (the list is at the bottom of the post). Today we look at cornerback Ethon Williams, a redshirt sophomore looking to bounce back after missing almost all of 2020 with a knee injury. 

Williams, came to Boston College from Annapolis, Maryland in 2019 as a three star receiver who's only other major offer was West Virginia. Once on campus he immediately started to get people's attention with his athleticism and explosiveness. During summer practices his freshman year one staff member told me "Keep an eye on Ethon Williams". Williams had a role last season, albeit a small one, catching three balls for 56 yards. Unfortunately he never got going in 2020, suffering a season ending knee injury early in the year. 


Ethon Williams plays a valuable role on the offense, kind of like Jehlani Galloway did in 2020. Not the go to receiver, or even in the top two, he still makes a handful of catches throughout the season, and sets himself up to be a more regular contributor in 2022. 



We see Williams come in during some blow out games where things are out of hand. He eases into the offense again after the injury from last season, and looks smooth. His role is smaller, but you start to see glimpses of what made him so dynamic in practices the past two years. 


There is a lot of talent at the wide receiver position this year with Zay Flowers, Kobay White, CJ Lewis, Jaelen Gill, Jehlani Galloway and a handful of other underclassmen battling for playing time. Williams has a quiet year, and other than a handful of practice reports, we don't hear much about him.

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