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Live Scouting Evaluation: SI All-American Candidate WR Agiye Hall

SI All-American was in attendance to see the WR All-American candidate play vs. Plant City (Fla.)

In a game that featured No. 1 Slot WR and No. 23 prospect in the SI99, Mario Williams, the Plant City (Fla.) vs. Bloomingdale Valrico (Fla.) contest also saw another SI All-American candidate WR prospect: Agiye Hall

Hall, at 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds, is a prized Alabama commitment who is on our radar to get inside the final SI99. We came into this matchup interested to see him up close. 

At first glance on the hoof, Hall maintained an imposing frame in our pre-game look. He has ideal length for an X-WR, and his arms indeed do show solid definition. He appears to possess some strength in his hips and lower-half, while also being capable of adding an additional 10-15 pounds in Tuscaloosa. 

The Bulls appeared to work with patience with Hall early on, asking him to execute simple quick-game concepts in the passing game. This approach proved to be keen, as it paid off later in the contest. Hall almost always aligned as the No. 1 receiver on the perimeter, and ran several stop routes to keep the chains moving.

While Hall isn't necessarily twitchy, he does possess smooth athleticism that can lull cornerbacks to sleep. He tempos his releases some off the line, and can use his body to shield defenders outside of passing lanes to assure himself a clean catch point.

Going back to the patient approach paying off, Bloomingdale finally allowed Hall to attack the third level later in the vertical passing game. The Crimson Tide pledge used an inside stem to build his redline between the sideline and numbers. Prior to his secondary release, Hall flashed a head/shoulder fake to keep the cornerback away from his true redline vertical stem while showing build-up speed to climb to level three.

Hall then showed some savvy by subtly creating separation with his inside hand while the ball was in flight. He arrived at the catch point with body control and good leap timing for the haul before finishing in the end zone for an impressive touchdown.

Another successful rep due to Hall's smooth athleticism and size was his touchdown off a slant route. Using a basic release with fair tempo vs. bail coverage, Hall stemmed upfield with a decent sell to the break before using his big frame to pin a cornerback out of the passing lane. Hall advanced through the catch point without breaking stride and transferred upfield quickly to reach the end zone.

Lastly, Hall also impressed us as a blocker. Usually, receivers with his size need to be solid in the run game, and we indeed saw flashes of potential from the Alabama pledge in this facet. He worked with a fair approach to defensive backs and also sustained his block well. The Bulls even saw Hall produce on a crack block on a run play involving a toss-scheme.

Overall, while Hall will not wow with twitch, he projects as a solid target in the mid-range game who can be schemed into vertical shot plays. He certainly still possesses a chance to find a fit inside the final SI99 later this year.

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For the full isolation camera video on Hall click here.

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