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Unique Perspective

Geoff Schwartz :: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Geoff Schwart

There are nine Jewish players in the NFL. In honor of Passover today, one of those players, offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz, who just left the Vikings to sign with the Chiefs  (and often tweets about his love of the Oregon Ducks, San Francisco Giants and food) is here with his list of "Ten Random Facts About being A Jewish Athlete."

1. Along with my brother, Mitchell, who is on the Browns, we represented more than 20 percent of the Jews in the NFL in 2012. I'm proud to be a role model to young Jewish kids and athletes, letting them know it's possible for them to reach their goals.

2. We are also the first Jewish brothers to play in the NFL since 1923.

3. No, I don't keep kosher. I love bacon, cheeseburgers and pork chops.

4. My agent is NOT Jewish, nor is my financial adviser, but my CPA is.

5. I carry my personal Menorah and have lit Chanukah candles in the hotel rooms the night before games. Last season when in St. Louis my Jewish coach joined me for the lighting.

6. Most of my peers are knowledgeable about the religion. However, I have gotten some interesting questions, such as, "Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?. Yes, we do. It's an American holiday.

7. There is a lack of Jewish groupies. Where are all the tall Jewish blonde women?

8. Latkes are the most delicious treat ever, especially when homemade. If you've never had one before, head over to your local deli for some.

9. People are often shocked to learn that I don't miss Santa Claus or having a Christmas tree. How can you miss something you've never had? However…

10. I love Christmas when it falls on a Wednesday or Thursday (our heavy work days). It changes a full day to a half day. I'm all about the Christmas spirit then!

Nothing But Suds

In a moment of frustration last night, Bruins assistant coach Geoff Ward threw his earpiece over his head. It ended up landing in a fan's beer.

Lucky Guy

Not only did the Heat extend their winning streak to 27 games in Orlando last night, but there was a surprise proposal at halftime in which a very attractive woman was tricked into thinking she was participating in one of those halfcourt shot contests only to find her boyfriend on bended knee.

Lovely Lady Roundup

Miranda Kerr :: Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerris a very good looking bride. ... SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdalturns 21 today. ... The Jacksonville Jaguars have released video from their cheerleader tryouts.

Who Can Blame Them?

The Florida Gulf Coast faithful got a little aggressive with a certain chant at yesterday's pep rally.

Attendance Issues

The Marlins are offering discounted tickets to Opening Day on Groupon while the Red Sox are offering $5 beers to help sluggish ticket sales.

Breaking And Entering Video Of The Day

Just a stealth and shifty 2-year-old doing his thing. (Thanks to Frank DiPietro, of North Oaks, Minn.)

Kate Upton Video Of The Day

I know many of you would like to date the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model, so here is some advice -- straight from Kate -- in case you ever get the chance.