By Ryan Glasspiegel
May 06, 2013


This weekend, SNL did a sketch about Michael Jordan's wedding. For the three-and-a-half minutes before Jay Pharoah enters, it's pretty meh: Zach Galifianakis and Jason Sudeikis as increasingly coke-addled party MCs / jugglers? Sure, they work, it's fine. Kenan Thompson as Charles Barkley? Forgettable, lazy costume, pass. Fred Armisen and Aidy Bryant as the Cuban parents of Jordan's new bride Yvette Prieto? Armisen does his foreign accent thing, Bryant holds a big pot of food, it's cool, a few good zingBUT THEN PHAROAH AS DIKEMBE MUTOMBO, AND THOSE FINGERS, OH, THOSE FINGERS, WHO CARES WHAT HE'S SAYING, LOOK AT HIS HANDS, WHO WANTS TO SEX THE COSTUME DESIGNER, WE ALL DO, BECAUSE THAT PERSON HAS JUST CHANGED OUR LIVES EVER SO SLIGHTLY.

[hulu id=ragwlmrh3z8wxmy8nf6wmq width=512]

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