Brewers Reporter Sophia Minnaert Was the Latest Victim of Mischievous Baseball Gods

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Being an MLB sideline reporter is rapidly becoming as perilous as being Curtis Granderson. One month after Rays reporter Kelly Nash nearly took a batting practice dinger to the head at Fenway, FSWisconsin's Sophia Minnaert was aggressively videobombed by an errant throw between innings of Saturday's Pirates-Brewers game in Milwaukee.


Minnaert was seconds away from taking a complimentary look at Milwaukee's recently stout defense when the renegade baseball, reportedly an around-the-horn misfire, remained true in its quest to topple her talkie stick. Undaunted, she retrieved the mic and went on to nail her segment about a Brewers D that would end up committing two errors in a 5-2 loss to the Bucs.

And so this Brewers season continues.