By Ryan Glasspiegel
June 04, 2013

Issac Baldizon/Getty Images

As Ernie Johnson noted in this maddeningly non-embeddable Inside the NBA clip, the most dramatic moment of the fourth quarter in last night's blowout Heat victory occurred when Flo Rida kicked his own manager out of the arena following a small fracas near the bejeweled musician's courtside seats. Because he has eyes, Charles Barkley noticed Flo Rida's massive jewelry, and then refused to let it go.

"Can you put Flo Rida back [on the screen]?" Sir Charles requested. "I would knock the hell out of him if I caught him in an alley--that's a million dollars right there."

Ernie, Charles and Kenny Smith then proceeded to riff about whether the Round Mound of Grand Larceny would even know if the chain were real or fake. Hilarity ensued, as is its wont.

The Basketball Jones

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