By Alexander Abnos
June 16, 2013

Mario Balotelli Mario Balotelli scored the winning goal in the 78th minute. (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Italian National team striker Mario Balotelli is never one to shy away from headlines. In his time with Manchester City, the now-A.C. Milan man nearly burned down his house setting off fireworks indoors, caused a stir by stopping in to use the bathroom at a college, and explained why he had £5,000 in his back pocket at a traffic stop with the line "because I am rich."

That wealth seems to have brought him some big-name friends. After scoring the winning goal in Italy's Confederations Cup opener against Mexico, Balotelli took to Twitter to flaunt said connections.

Though he may be on top tonight, Balotelli will have to be disciplined to stay there -- he picked up a yellow card for removing his shirt in celebrating the goal. Another card for the volatile Balotelli will see him get an automatic one-game ban.

While you're waiting for Drake to return the favor with a Balotelli-inspired hit, watch the goal (and celebration) below.

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