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These Heat Fans Can Tell Their Grandkids About the Time They Got a Good Night's Sleep

Instagram :: @bomani_jones: i'm going to the tunnel. they're going home. 2 pt game!

heat fans

Ah, look at all those passionate Miami Heat fans, streaming proudly out of American Airlines Arena after their team beat the Spurs 103-100 in overti … wait, what? That's not when the photo was taken? Tweet in a little bit closer, I can't hear you over the cheering of the fans inside the venue.

That's 30 seconds left in regulation, mind you, before Ray Allen did what Ray Allen was inevitably going to do and sent the game into OT. Really the only premature evacuator with a valid excuse is the Ray Allen jersey-wearing Bucks fan, who was presumably conditioned to leave early during Miami's first-round sweep.

Update: Apparently these fans didn't get such a good night's sleep after all: