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Take This Opportunity to Marvel at the New England Patriots' Weight Room Records

patriots weight room

This photo of the Patriots' giant weight lifting record leaderboard recently surfaced. A few things that stand out:

  • The quarterback records are held by the immortal trio of Rohan Davey, Kevin O'Connell and Matt Cassel. Physical fitness doesn't appear to be perfectly correlated with performance at that position.
  • If Tim Tebow counts as a quarterback, he's a solid bet to break some of those strength -- and maybe even speed -- records. Extenuating circumstances, however, might necessitate (or, rather, accelerate) his conversion to tight end.
  • Joe Andruzzi squatted 725 pounds, which is, uh, a lot. In retirement he's put that strength to good use.
  • Assuming accurate measurement, Bethel Johnson's 4.26 second 40-yard dash time would have been fast enough to qualify as the second-best NFL combine mark -- trailing only Chris Johnson -- since electronic laser measurement was implemented in 2000. Benching 405, he's not exactly carrying a diminutive frame either.
  • It's sort of no fun that 40-yard dash times aren't available for all the positions.

In any event, it's pretty difficult to look at all these numbers without feeling wholly inadequate. You think GNC's still open?

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