By Brett Smiley
July 02, 2013

Red Sox stalwart Dustin Pedroia is the new face of Boston based bank Salem Five, though that visage is incomplete: Inexplicably, the animated spots have stripped the second basemen of his beard. The bank enlisted the veteran for a playful series of local ads titled Pedroia's World, reminiscent of  '90s cartoon Bobby's World, that draw a parallel between the player's solid reputation and the bank's sturdy financial service offerings.

Says animated Pedroia:

“Baseball’s not just my job, it’s my life. I eat, drink and sleep baseball. I breathe baseball. If I ever cried, I’d cry baseballs. But I don’t cry because I’m the laser show, man.”

And Salem Five is just as passionate about banking!

But the glaring absence of whiskers begs the question: Does the bank think his true-to-life, poorly manicured chin sweater would convey a less businesslike air? Because I'm here to say: It wouldn't. The essence of Dustin Pedroia is his beard. Accept nothing less than this mug, even (especially) when banking:

Getty Images Getty Images

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