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If You're Not Sick Of This Song Yet...

Rockets Power Dancers

Rockets Power Dancers

Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines is one of the top summer songs, no doubt in part because of an uncensored video that has been spoofed by many people, includingJimmy Kimmel. The Rockets Power Dancers are the latest group to try their hand at a remake.

Follow Up

Remember the interview with the Titans fan who was the only person in line to get tickets from last Friday's Hot Clicks? Well, he's having quite the week after going viral. Not only did one viewer come through with an extra ticket for the guy, but Predators coach Stu Grimson also hooked up with tickets, a jersey and a $100 gift card.

Baseball At The Break has compiled the 35 best GIFs of the first half.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Kahili Blundell ::

Kahili Blundell ::

Australian model and UFC Octagon girl Kahili Blundell gets today's LLOD honors.

From Trucks To Boats To Planes has a photo gallery of 20 outrageous athlete rides.

Good News

The best sports show on television, HBO's Hard Knocks, will be around for several more years. The current edition debuts on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

Prank Video Of The Day

This is one of the better ones we've posted lately.

Live TV Video Of The Day

This meterologist gets a case of the giggles, which makes for one of the best weather reports  you'll ever see.

The Weekend Playlist By Tom Mantzouranis

As always, click any of the song links to listen, or you can just subscribe to the Hot Clicks Nation playlist on Spotify. Every Friday, the playlist will automatically change to that week’s selections, so the new music will come to you. Let me (Tom Mantzouranis) know on Twitter what you like and what you do not. (Warning: NSFW language in some songs.)

Fat Tony, "Hood Party"

Wampire, "The Hearse"

Hebronix, "Unreal"

Aye Nako, "Molasses"

Tennis, "Origins"

Laura Mvula, "Make Me Lovely"

Solange, "Lovers in the Parking Lot"

Ben Folds Five, "Do It Anyway"

The Beach Boys, "From There to Back Again"

The Get Up Kids, "I'm a Loner Dottie, A Rebel"