By Ryan Glasspiegel
September 18, 2013

Thanks to the champ money may for winning me a pound from my mexican buddy Lui !! U r the pound for pound best! N I'm gonna smoke 2 dat !!! Hahahahahahahah. @bigglala where u at ??

Snoop Dogg, apparently through a bet with his pal Lui, copped a pound of weed after Floyd Mayweather defeated Canelo Alvarez by majority decision on Saturday night. (TMZ values the bounty at around $4,000.)

In January's edition of GQ, Drew Magary described the woman and medical marijuana dispensary that supply Snoop:

"This is our Mommy Room. This is where we keep all our mommies," Dina says. Snoop fondles the herb while Dina explains that only the female cannabis plant sprouts the bud that produces all that heavenly THC. "We started all these seeds from Holland. And then we make all our little babies."

"Look at you, babymaking!" Snoop says. "You still look good. I ain't even gonna front, Doctor Dina, you're on point like motherf------ Stacey Adams. You keep the store full of flowers, and I don't mean the flowers that you smoke."


Snoop and Doctor Dina have collaborated to grow a practical strain just for him, one that he can smoke all day long without getting too zonked, and that's what we're looking at right now. Dina explains that it contains more Cannabis sativa than Cannabis indica, which ought to help keep Snoop from falling asleep during photo shoots. Snoop will later christen it "Snoop Lion Executive Branch."

Assuming Snoop gave his friend Vegas odds, he would have needed his own dispensary just to make good on the bet, had Alvarez won.


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