Listen to Cleveland Sports Talk Radio's Reaction to the Trent Richardson Trade

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Washington Redskins v Cleveland Browns

As anyone who has ever listened to sports talk radio can attest, sometimes the chatter gets pretty heated. This was the case yesterday, when ESPN Cleveland personalities Tony Rizzo, Mark "Munch" Bishop, Aaron Goldhammer and Greg Brinda discussed the Browns' decision to trade Trent Richardson to Indianapolis for a first round pick.

Rizzo spent several minutes preaching tolerance for the long-view and the necessity of being atrocious this season in order to procure a franchise QB. The conversation turned especially testy around the 4:20-mark when "Munch" accused him of not being sensitive to Browns fans' prolonged suffering.


An excerpt:

Rizzo: Don't you turn this on me like I don't care about the fans. Who the hell do you think you are?

Munch: Who do I think I am? Someone who's been doing this for 35 years. You're sticking up for Banner and Lombardi, brother.

Rizzo: I've lived and died with the Cleveland Browns. Get over it, Munch -- Lombardi's the GM.

Munch: YOU KNOW WHAT? OUR GM IS INCOMPETENT AND HAS A HISTORY OF INCOMPETENCE. YOU THINK HE HAS A GOOD TRACK RECORD? I'm sticking up for my dad, who's rolling in his grave hearing this.

Personal barbs aside, both parties sorta had a point.