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The World's Greatest Pre-War Hockey Card Collection Is For Sale

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Simon Bourque, a Quebec City-based collector, is consigning the world's greatest pre-war hockey card collection. In case you're wondering what such a collection entails:

Bourque has been collecting for more than five decades but traveled across Canada for 20 years with a burning passion for digging up the most sought after pre-War hockey cards known in the hobby.  It’s safe to say his mission was an overwhelming success.  Among the highlights:

  • Approximately 95% of the card sets are #1 on the PSA Registry
  • There is more than 400 highest graded cards
  • And more than 600 cards are ”1 of 1”, meaning no other PSA graded cards exist in better or equal quality

"PSA," here, is shorthand for Professional Sports Authenticator, the grading and certification service which encapsulates sports cards of every genre in little unbreakable plastic frames.

How impressive is Bourque's collection, exactly? The auction house in charge of selling his cards started a special website for it, simply, "The Hockey Card Collection."


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