By Sam Page
October 23, 2013

Getty Images Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti's Super Bowl Ring // Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens gave their full-time staff Super Bowl rings after last season's victory. Toni Lekas, Ravens Receptionist, left hers recently with her boyfriend, Chuck Lykes, to show off at a boat party. You know where this is going:

It was a windy night and as the group tried to dock the boat, it kept pulling away. Somebody called for Chuck, who was about to put the ring away below deck, to grab a rope.

As Chuck pulled the rope, it hooked on the ring on his finger. When the rope tugged, it pulled the ring right off. It flew into the dark night.

“You know how you see in movies when things happen in slow-mo?” Chuck said. “It felt like it took an hour for that thing to drop in the water.”

The story goes on to tell how the NFL replaced her ring, saving her boyfriend from a surefire dumping. The original ring, however, is still lost, in case you're a professional diver and not doing anything right now.


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