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Just Another Story of a Surfer Punching a Shark in the Face

(Photo via Leah Fitch)

(Photo via Leah Fitch)

Surfer Jeff Horton came out on top in the age-old struggle of Man v. Beast this weekend when a shark attacked him in the ocean off Hawaii. All it took for the 25-year-old to chase off the 12-ft target="_blank">maneater was repeated punches to its eye. But lest you think that Horton is all bravado and left hooks, he confessed to KHONNews that he was concerned when the shark first came at him:

"I had my feet dangling, hanging below my surfboard, and I saw this thing coming up. And my instinct was 'whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,' and the thing comes right up."

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That story will now be the top line of Horton's resume in perpetuity.


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