By Andy Gray
October 29, 2013

Your Take on Tom Brady?


This is Tom Brady dressed up as The Cowardly Lion for Halloween, with his wife Gisele (dressed as Dorothy). I've been arguing with my friends (fellow Bostonians) all afternoon about this photo and what it says about Brady. My take is that he's married to Gisele, has a 142-41 record as a starting QB and can do whatever he wants. My friends believe he should be sequestered in his basement watching game film instead of "worrying about what he's wearing to Mark Wahlberg's next party." Where do you stand?

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Olympic Heroes

Two friends living in Essex, England are going to try out all 114 Olympic sports before the 2016 games in Brazil.

Paging the Boss Button

If you happened to come across some porn while searching the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders website yesterday, it was the result of a glitch.

Lovely Lady Roundup

Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux :: @sydneyleroux Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux :: @sydneyleroux

We love when Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux team up. Here's Morgan's and Leroux's Halloween tribute to Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke ... Is Hillary Fisher mind blowing? I say yes ... Colleen Shannon is the world's sexiest DJ. 

Still Not Impressed

McKayla Maroney still isn't impressed, even at the age of 8.

Photo Gallery of the Day

House Hunters

Want to buy Kevin Garnett's $4.85 million mansion? How about Kevin Durant's five bedroom palace? Or Larry Bird's $4.8 million abode? Busted Coverage has all the details.

If You Like Dogs And You Like Surfing

You'll love this collection of dogs surfing.

Odds and Ends

Two minor league hockey teams will wear Star Wars-themed jerseys when they face off on Saturday ... Kudos to Mets pitcher LaTroy Hawkins, who helped subdue an unruly passenger during a flight to Chile on Monday ... Buzzfeed has a nice collection of 23 Things That Look Just Like Chris Bosh ... Emile Hirsch will play the role of John Belushi in an upcoming biopic about the former Saturday Night Live star.

Seinfeld Video Of The Day

A documentary is being made about Tom's Restaurant, which you may know as Monk's Cafe in Seinfeld. Here's a sneak preview.

Halloween-Inspired Baseball Video Of The Day

The San Diego State baseball team played a full scrimmage in Halloween costumes (thanks to The Big Lead for the link)

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