By austin wood
October 31, 2013

PlayStation Plus and console sharing detailed in Sony FAQ 


Sony has cleared up much of the murk surrounding their approach to sharing content in the next gen with a tidy FAQ.

Topping the list is an explanation of interacting with other PS4 systems via your PSN account. We've long known that PS4 users will designate their consoles as their "primary" systems, and now we learn they can log into any PS4 using their accounts to access all their digital content and PlayStation Plus benefits. Similarly, in a manner reminiscent to Microsoft's now-defunct Family Sharing plan, digital content will be available for all users on a single PS4 system. So, if you download a game, your roommate (or whoever) can also play it through their profile.

All users on one PS4 will also benefit (to a currently unknown extent) from the main user's PlayStation Plus subscription.


PS4 to receive hefty update on day one


The upgrade to next-gen will not be without its trials, it seems, although a 300MB firmware update is a small price to pay for jumping into your new PS4.

Sony recently announced a day-one update to all PS4s to include the following features:

  • Blu-ray and DVD player functionality
  • Online multiplayer (via PlayStation Plus)
  • Party chat for up to eight players
  • Ustream and Twitch apps to support the console's sharing of screenshots and video
  • Remote play for PlayStation Vita, as well as PS4 link, allowing Vitas and mobile devices to act as a second screen
  • Download-as-you-play, which is exactly what it sounds like
  • Facial and voice recognition, if you elect to pick up a PS Camera
  • A background music player

Funnily enough, despite this amalgam of features, PS4 will initially be without a suspend/resume mode which, when released, will allow players to seamlessly pause and pick up their games by putting the system in sleep mode.

As if you'll be pausing them.

(Source: Polygon)


Other game news 


The part with the videos 

Nvidia elbows PC and console gaming in their new SHIELD overview (with some slightly NSFW examples) 

FIFA 14 is alive ... and on next-gen hardware 

In-depth multiplayer gameplay from the next Killzone, complete with dev commentary


Final Boss 

It's not uncommon to see gaming's innumerable icons grafted into the lore and aesthetics of other games, or more amusingly, other mediums. But these Pixar versions of famous game characters, from deviantart user Renegade21, stand out among the crossover ranks.

You can view the full album here.


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