By Brett Smiley
November 15, 2013

Head Butt of a Joke 

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If you happened to miss Thursday Night Football, what you see above is Colts linebacker Erik Walden halfway into his head-butt of helmet-less Titans tight end Delanie Walker after the two locked up during a rushing play. Those of you who did see the game are probably still wondering how Walden didn't get ejected, especially because Walden's helmet toss and head-butt was the epic final act of the Colts' trilogy of consecutive personal fouls. Watch the play in its entirety here:

[si-nfl-player id="6ae346392311440088f82e351b670d11"]

When Walden gets his eventual fine and likely suspension, it'd be nice if we can get an explanation from ref Mike Carey -- who was on the field Thursday -- on how Walden managed to avoid an ejection. Elsewhere, here's Sad Chuck Pagano staring blankly after a Colts false start penalty.

Linsanity Returns to N.Y., Questionable Racial Reference Returns to ESPN

Recall Linsanity 2012, when ESPN anchor Max Bretos described a Jeremy Lin weakness as a "chink in the armor." On Thursday night's 9 p.m. edition of SportsCenter, anchor Jorge Andrés prefaced a highlight showing an easy Lin bucket with the line, "[Lin] was cooking with some hot peanut oil!" Later in the show, Andrés apologized for his "poor choice of words." Ironically, it was Andrés in February 2012 who read a statement concerning Bratos, saying, “ESPN apologizes for the incident and is taking steps to avoid this in the future.”

Hardware Upgrade

The WWE seems to have taken quite a shining to Major League Baseball. Last week John Cena hooked up Big Papi with a WWE belt for winning the World Series, and yesterday Vince McMahon tweeted a photo of Cy Young belts for winners Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw.

Lovely Lady of the Day

The MLB Hot Stove has been only lukewarm so far, so let's heat it up a bit with Grady Sizemore's ex-fiancee Brittany Binger, who's making her acting debut in Nick Cannon's comedy School Dance. Maxim has more with Brittany.

Dez Walks Into a Mart

Does anyone call Wal-Mart "the 'Mart"? No? Anyway, regular Madden player Dez Bryant, better known as a Cowboys wideout, stopped by a Dallas-area Wal-Mart to buy a new PS4 console as soon as it went on sale at midnight Friday. Bryant ended up buying one for himself, and one for each of the half-dozen or so others waiting on line at the store. Speaking of athletes and PS4 ...

 Most Valuable Product Placement?

… On Thursday afternoon, before MLB announced that Andrew McCutchen and Miguel Cabrera had won the respective NL and AL MVP Awards, both revealed on Twitter that they had gotten their hands on a PS4 one day prior to its release. Of course Miggy noticed Cutch's tweets and invited the Pirates outfielder to play Call of Duty. SB Nation suggests two possibilities: (a) Unapologetic product placement or (b) The most adorable interaction ever between two people about to win the most prestigious award in their sport.

The correct answer is (a), but you're welcome to imagine the two wearing headsets in matching game chairs and PJs if that brightens your morning.

Odds and Ends

Alabama youth football Toy Bowl champs have set their sights a bit higher ... If you love pooping in public and writing reviews, there's a job you may be interested in ... Last night the Titans got busted with not 12! not 13! but 14 men on the field! ... Prince James (LeBron's 9-year-old son) went 25-8-8 the other night ... Babe's Ruth's Massachusetts farm house dubbed 'Home Run Farm' was just sold ... Dallas Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen couldn't wait to get to the locker room last night so he took a break on the net ... A pet kangaroo got loose and led Texas police on a slow-speed chase.

Media Feud Gets Tupac Treatment

Via The Big Lead, here's the conclusion of the Olberamann/ESPN - Francesa/WFAN ego-splosion.

Kick Him In The Junk While He's Down

Apparently,  these two are friends.

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