By Andy Gray
November 20, 2013

Craig Sager, Fashion Icon

TNT reporter Craig Sager has always been one of the most uniquely dressed people in sports. In the latest Foot Locker commercial, however, Sager turns a new leaf and sets his most colorful suits on fire. In tribute to this awesome commercial (also featuring Brett Favre, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman and Evander Holyfield), we look at Sager's best outfits.

Today's A-Rod News

The Yankees third baseman stormed out of his grievance hearing after Bud Selig refused to testify, saying "The absurdity and injustice just became too much. I walked out and will not participate any further in this farce."

Mike Tomlin = Bad Season, Nice Gesture

The Steelers may be 4-6 this season but coach Mike Tomlin is still doing good things for Pittsburgh. In this case, the citizen is crossing guard Carol Kelly, who received a customized, autographed Steelers themed stop sign and a customized jersey from the coach after she told him about her upcoming retirement.

Lovely Lady Roundup

Amy Markham really knows how to wear a bikini ... So does Megan Fox ... Miesha Tate of the UFC has a new photo shoot out for Fitness Gurls.

One Way To Name Your Baby

Meet Green Bay's youngest Packers fan, Aaron Rodger Dryer, who was born with a broken collarbone and thus named after the Packers quarterback suffering from the same injury. For my money, however, this little guy remains Wisconsin's top Aaron Rodgers fan.

Go, France!

French meteorologist Doria Tiller will present the weather while completely naked if France qualifies for the World Cup.

Bad News For East Lansing Taco Bell Fans

The popular fast-food franchise is no longer provides free tacos to anyone with a ticket stub for a Michigan State game in which the Spartans score at least 70 points.

NFL Fashion Fails

In honor of this Miami fan who was kicked out of Sunday's game for wearing a Dolphins speedo, World Wide Interweb has put together the worst fashion fails in NFL history.

Odds and Ends

Cam Newton celebrated Monday's win over the Patriots at (where else?) The Waffle House ... Pro wrestling fans will love this collection of 10 real backstage fights ... ChatSports has a look at the greatest mustaches in sports history ... Croatian defender Josip Simunic is in trouble over claims that he led the crowd in pro-Nazi cheers after qualifying for the World Cup ... Cleaners found a stash of 24 gold bars worth more than $1.1 million hidden in an airplane bathroom.

You Got Bosh'd

Heat guard Mario Chalmers has some fun with center Chris Bosh during a postgame interview.

Mittens Ruin Everything

Several members of Team USA try to perform everyday tasks while wearing their Go USA Fan Mittens.

Charlie Kelly Video of the Day

Speaking of mittens, they also make a great accessory for kittens. Just ask Charlie Kelly.

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