By austin wood
December 11, 2013


College football players who are fortunate enough to "earn" a spot in one of the 35(!) bowl games always walk away with a sweet haul of trinkets and gifts BUT NOT MONEY NEVER MONEY DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT PAYING THEM. The spoils will be especially sweet this year for members of the Marshall and Maryland football teams, as their spots in the December 27 Military Bowl make them the only two squads to receive a particularly hot item in their goodie bags: PlayStation 4s.

Sony's next-gen system is hard to buy at present, given the overwhelming number of pre-orders and ubiquitous sold-out status. Nevertheless, each Marshall and Maryland player will walk away with a bundle containing the system, one game, and credit towards PlayStation Store. A hat and backpack are also included in the swag-bag, because: fashion.

The PS4 is the only gaming item to make an appearance this year, but other Bowl players will receive niceties ranging from trips to Hawaii to leather luggage to home entertainment systems. (You can see the full list here.) Unfortunately for Military Bowlers, the NCAA forbids resale of all gifts, so there's no eBay price-gouging to be had. We've already seen enough of that, anyway.



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