By Ryan Glasspiegel
December 13, 2013


Beer pong games in my freshman dorm got rowdy. Various drunkards would tear down hallway exit signs, punch out ceiling tiles, and cause untold amounts of other destruction. One friend even caused bodily harm to himself when he got shut out, went streaking, and ran head first into a door, knocking out one of his front teeth like he was a hockey player.

Which brings us to alcohockey, the ingenious hybrid between beer pong and air hockey. The rules don't readily exist on the Imgur page where this appears to have originated from, but it's not hard to fill in the blanks. To me, the only gray area would be whether you relinquish your right to guard your cups while you are drinking the beer.

I want to play this, and I want to play it now.


Imgur SB Nation

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