By Sam Page
December 20, 2013
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USA Today has an article up on their website about Rachel Washburn, Eagles-cheerleader-turned-special-ops-officer, who recently returned from Afghanistan. The whole thing is worth reading, but the best part is this anecdote about Washburn being forced to deliver an Afghani baby during a snowstorm:

Near the end of her first deployment, on the day her unit was supposed to leave a village, a snowstorm hit. She and her partner learned a local woman had gone into labor. Her husband was unable to get her to a midwife. The husband did not want male troops to see her.

Washburn and her partner took the woman in a military vehicle to their unit's mud hut. On an Army radio, a special ops medic helped them deliver the baby.

"Everything was successful," said Washburn. "Her husband gave us a little trinket. He was so grateful to have a boy."

 Washburn will return to Lincoln Financial Stadium this Sunday for the Eagles' "Hometown Hero" salute, and I suspect she won't have to encourage the crowd to get cheers this time. 

h/t Mark G

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