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Mike Miller Put Birdman's Tattoo Designs on Underwear



In an NBA where over half of the players have tattoos, Chris "Birdman" Andersen's still stand above the rest. They are so colorful and effervescent that it was really a matter of when and not if a savvy marketer would seek to capitalize on them. (This was doubly true after they were adorably stenciled over a baby.)

And so, as Ira Winderman details in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, the vibrant designs are being brought to market by Birdman's former Heat teammate Mike Miller and his partners at PSD underwear.

 "This is all Mike Miller's doing," Andersen said. "He's kind of just using the theme of my tattoos and everything for the design of the underwear. I was just messing around and I just called it free-Birding."

Along with Birdman, Miller also recruited Udonis Haslem to pose in the shoot, but there were marital boundaries as to how far the Miami veteran could push the envelope:

"I'm a married man," [Haslem] said. "So I had to think about that. The wife let me get away with just showing the waistband."

The Birdman undergarments line drops in January.


South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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