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Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks

Weekend Hot Clicks writer Brett Smiley with you today. Follow me on Twitter and send tips or hate mail to basmiley [at] gmail [dot] com.  

Mixed Martial Kickoff Return

screencap via SBnation

screencap via SBnation

There were two entertaining bowl games on the menu yesterday, one of which, the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, included some overzealous blocking on a Bowling Green kickoff return. And by overzealous blocking, I mean linebacker DJ Lynch threw several hooks at Pittsburgh's Manasseh Garner who was on the turf. Incredibly, penalties on both teams offset, Booboo Gates' 94-yard touchdown return counted, and Lynch did not get ejected. Perhaps nothing short of a People's Elbow warrants an early shower at the Pizza Bowl.



In other bowl news, somehow the Pizza Bowl ran out of pizza. How does that happen? Are they intentionally creating a shortage!? ... Hungry LSU and Iowa players fared better at the Outback Bowl, where they consumed a collective 5,000 pounds of grub courtesy Outback Steakhouse, which included 160 Bloomin' Onions.

Deer Hunter

Crazy scene at a Dick's Sporting Goods yesterday when a customer tackleda deer that busted into the store. Guess that customer won't need a rifle after all.

Heavy Foot

Yesterday Clinton Portis was live on Fred Smoot’s radio show in D.C. when he got pulled over for speeding. “This is probably my 30th one,” said Portis, who tried to get the officer on the line to talk to Smoot.

Lovely Lady Of The Day


Today's LLOD is Marina Łuczenko, a Polish pop singer, actress and model, and the girlfriend of Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. You can admire Szczesny's score here, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Blatche Being Blatche

Watch Andray Blatche get jacked up over the performance of virtual Andray Blatchewho fared better on 2K14 than he did on Christmas when he netted one basket on 11 attempts.

Laugh or Cry  

Another game, another Kyrie Irving  crossover victim. Last night the Cavs guard broke Jeff Teague's ankles, but Teague was able to joke about it on Twitter. (It probably helped Teague's mood that he hit a 2OT buzzer beater winner.)

Only Jose Canseco  

The Las Vegas Homeowners Association has notified the former slugger and perpetual lunatic that he must remove the pair of diaper-wearing goats from his home.

Odds & Ends

The best hockey fights of 2013 ...  The Detroit Lions signed the fastest rugby player in the world ... Someone beat Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 in under five minutes ... A dissection of John Kerry fist-bumping Snoop ... Here's a bowl game ticket gag with a happy ending (as opposed to this one) ... Paul Ruddimpersonates Denny Green's epic press conference rant ... Frederick Roy (son of Patrick) also has a temper  ... Referee Violet Palmer just doesn't want to hear it from Damian Lillard ... one Giantsrookie is renting his apartment for the Super Bowl.

Chip Kelly's Plan Is Simple

It's on every page of the playbook. (H/T @smartfootball)

Ted Lasso Is Back

Remember Jason Sudeikis as Hotspur coach Ted Lasso? There's more, and it's hysterical.

The Beer Fridge Project

Really cool journey involving a couple hockey fans from Canada delivering a beer fridge to their buddy in Indonesia.

Ronda Rousey in the Cuddle Tree

MMA's leading lady dropped an expletive on SportsCenter, then things got weird.