By Dan Treadway
December 31, 2013

Yesterday during a press conference to discuss the firing of first year coach Rob Chudzinski, a reporter asked Browns owner Jimmy Haslam a question that has plagued many sports fans for a long time: Are the Cleveland Browns run by The Three Stooges?

Haslam, who has only been the owner of the team for a season and a half, managed to dodge the query and assert that Browns fans were the best in the world, which is a statement as meaningless as it is unhelpful.

I can assume that the question was in no way intended to disrespect The Three Stooges, who likely, if given the opportunity, would manage to draft one competent quarterback over the course of 15 seasons.

But while we're on the topic, here's some exclusive footage from inside the Browns war room when they decided to draft Brandon Weeden:

[Via Thunder Treats]

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