By Brett Smiley
January 10, 2014

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Marshawn Lynch has taught the NFL that although it can force him to talk to the media, the Shield cannot force him to be personable. Better known for mashing defenders and causing earthquakes than waxing poetic lockerside with reporters, Lynch was fined a whopping $50,000 by the NFL last week for his season-long refusal to engage with the media.

The league collected the fine, but according to's Dan Hanzus, it will hold the fine in abeyance, pending Lynch's cooperation with the league policy. However, if he does not cooperate, the league may fine him an additional $50K and collect it all without conditions. Added Hanzus: "With $100K hanging in the balance, we expect Lynch to provide a thoughtful and nuanced post-game take on Saturday's divisional-round matchup against the New Orleans Saints."

Well, maybe not. Following a terse January 5 interview, Tacoma New Tribune's Seahawks beat writer Todd Dybas (via SportsGrid) brings us this transcript from an interview yesterday with Beast Mode:

That's 46 words on 14 questions, for an average 3.29 words per question, a tick below his 4.2 yards per carry this regular season. It's a shame, as he has so much interview potential.


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