By Brett Smiley
January 15, 2014

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Marquee Storyline

As Manning-Brady XV approaches, Denver restaurant The Hornet scored some early points with this marquee busting the New England quarterback. However, Brady perpetually maintains his lead in life with Gisele Bundchen, who considers Tom's at-home football watching as "food for the soul."

This Guy's Mom Forced Him to Toss His Humongous Gatorade Bottle Collection  

It happened, and it's cruel, and we feel bad for the dude. It's also instructive that if you're hiding baseball cards, keepsakes, gremlins, or anything that might collect fungus in your parent's home, you'd better put them in a storage unit before they join the trash heap.  [H/T SportsGrid]

Lovely Lady Round-up

Meet model Jessica Harper of Dallas, by way of California. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook. ... UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer in a revealing top painting some sort of abstract masterpiece (H/T FOX Sports) ... Fifty fitness ladies who work out ... Miss USA 2012 Whitney Miller has taken up Brazilian jiu jitsu and MMA fighting.

Pro Athletes Are Pro Sleepers  

Fast Company posted an infographic that examines how sleep impacts athletes, and just how much time top jocks spend slumbering.

President Obama Zings Rio

"Rio," of course, being Mario Chalmers, who appeared with the rest of the reigning NBA champs at the White House, where Obama jabbed Chalmers (but also sort of defended him). Basically, Chalmers is that guy in the group that everyone loves but dumps on. If there's not a guy like that in your crew, it's you.

Dennis Rodman vs. the Cameraman

Photo: AP Photo: AP

Dennis Rodman, no stranger to controversy domestic or abroad, kicked photographer Eugene Amos in the groin in Minneapolis on this day in 1997. The kick cost him an 11-game suspension and a $25,000 fine (and a reported settlement).

Odds & Ends

Jim Harbaugh's wife just can't get rid of his $8 Wal-Mart khakis. If it's a Niners-Patriots Super Bowl, two of the least fashionable coaches will lead their teams into the fashion capital of America ... Young football players before World War II ... Tampa Bay QB Mike Glennon wrote about the difficulty of battling the noisy crowd at Seattle's CenturyLink field ... Also in Seattle, there's a "DangeRuss Dog," a delicious looking footlong monstrosity ... After all the abuse Clark the Cub has endured, consider this video showing the new mascot hanging out with some kids who were happy to see him ... You're not at Butler, anymore, Brad Stevens.

Calcio Fiorentino

It's a hybrid of rugby, soccer, American football, MMA, Greco Roman wrestling, and a subconscious desire to get punched in the face. [H/T Digg]

Batkid: The Documentary

Remember Batkid, the heartwarming story out of San Francisco involving the Giants? Of course you do. [H/T Guyism]


An Honest Beer Commercial

No disingenuity, life altering promises, conspicuous consumption appeals, or crappy Mellencamp songs. It's perfect. NSFW language.

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