Mexican Skier to Wear Skin-Tight Mariachi Suit During Olympics

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Hubertus von Hohenlohe is a Mexican Olympic skier from Austria who plans to ski in Sochi in a mariachi suit. Born to German nobility in Mexico because his family had a VW dealership there, von Hohenlohe had his pick of countries to race for internationally:

The question was under which flag would von Hohenlohe compete? He was born in Mexico, had established Spanish residency, had an Italian-born mother, and citizenship in Austria and Liechtenstein.

“In the beginning, I remember that I was considering racing for Liechtenstein because I have a Liechtenstein passport,” von Hohenlohe said. “In the end, it seemed ideal that I do it for a country where I could control my own moves.”

He chose Mexico, and after spending a little more time there recently, has decided to really represent at this year's Winter Olympics in Sochi. Weirdly, though, this is the most normal thing he's ever worn during competition:


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