By Brendan Maloy
January 28, 2014

(via BuzzFeed) (via BuzzFeed)

Today, Good Morning America teamed up with BuzzFeed to build a "snackadium," one of those piles of disgusting food molded into the shape of a football field.

The stadium features a guacamole field with endzones made of nacho cheese and refried beans. The "seats" hold a bounty of delights ranging from Twinkies to meatballs, with chips, pretzels, hot wings, and essentially everything else you could imagine in between.

And just in case that wasn't enough food, the exterior walls are stacks of hot dogs and double cheeseburgers.

I would endorse this colossal waste of food, but I have two major problems:

1. The guacamole is way too smooth, it appears to be just pureed avocado with nothing else in it, which the good people at BuzzFeed would call an EPIC FAIL.

2. The Twinkies are really close to the nacho cheese and it is really gross to think about them touching.



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