Video Explains Why You Should Play for the Tie in 'Jeopardy!'

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Arthur Chu is current reigning Jeopardy! champ, having survived the past three nights. I say "survived," not "won," because he actually tied last night -- and he did it intentionally.

During Final Jeopardy, he wagered only so much as to tie the next-best player, assuming she would wager everything and get it right. And while there's a potentially altruistic angle, Chu's motives turn out to be purely strategic. Chu got the idea from game theory expert and former College Jeopardy! winner Keith Williams. In the above video, Williams gleefully breaks down the reasons for Chu's play.

Mental Floss also has a full breakdown of Chu's many strategies, beyond just the tie.

And hey, he's also a stand-up:


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