By Andy Gray
February 14, 2014

Memorable Kisses in Sports

Not sure if you're as excited for Valentine's Day as Patriots coach Bill Belichick. If not, this gallery of memorable kisses should get you in the mood.

Dissecting Derek Jeter

ESPN's SportsNation posted a graphic during Thursday's program showing a baseball diamond with a different celebrity ex-girlfriend of Derek Jeter at each position. With Leather has methodically broken down each of the nine women and whether they are playing the correct position. The Sportress of Blogitude, meanwhile, just loaded up on photos of all nine to make us jealous of Jeter.

Time For a Raise

A Bengals cheerleader is reportedly suing the team because she was paid $2.85 per hour for her 10 games of cheering this season.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Mia Gray is a model and singer (check out her band Candy Six's new single here). Follow her on Twitter and Facebook ... The 101 hottest celebrity Intagram photos of the week ... SI Swimsuit model Natasha Barnard looks good in lingerie ... Amanda Cerny is enjoying Valentine's Day ... I just took another look at the 2014 SI Swimsuit issue and predict first-year model Valerie Van Der Graaf will be immensely popular in the next couple years.

Don Cherry and his Bear

Last week, I posted a gallery of Don Cherry's craziest outfits in honor of his 80th birthday. Time to add another photo to the collection as Cherry wore this stuffed animal bear head during today's Olympics telecast.

Today In Bad Athlete Tattoos

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson got the Los Angeles Angels logo tattooed on the back of his neck.

Charles Barkley Does Karaoke

Charles Barkley officially kicked off All-Star weekend with an atrocious version of Gin and Juice. It should be a fun few days in New Orleans.

Odds and Ends

Three minor league baseball players are suing MLB, alleging that they were underpaid and exploited by team owners ... Barack Obama had nothing to do with the great House of Cards tweet sent from the @BarackObama Twitter account yesterday ... Adidas is paying tribute to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with its new sneaker, The Blueprint, which the UCLA team will wear this season ... WFAA sports anchor Dale Hansen, whose remarks supporting Michael Sam went viral, was on The Ellen Show ... The L.A. Metro is hosting speed-dating sessions on some of its trains.

View From the Stands

This is the scene from the Pitt student section after Tyler Ennis of Syracuse converted a game-winning three-pointer on Wednesday.

Flash Mob Of The Day

A Boston Marathon bombing survivor surprised her husband with a flash mob on Valentine's Day.

Least Romantic Kisses in WWE History

With Leather has collected the WWE's least romantic kisses, including this shot of Vince McMahon smooching Torrie Wilson, the girlfriend of Alex Rodriguez.

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