By Sam Page
February 17, 2014

West Chester University freshman Jack Lavery's half-court shot (above) has gone viral. In the video, he must make a layup, foul shot, three-pointer, and half-court shot -- all in 25 seconds -- to win $10,000. After Lavery misses his first attempt at the half-court shot, it appears all is lost. But he hustles back to half court, and chucks a miracle one-handed fade-away as the buzzer sounds.

And yet, despite all the on-court celebrating, West Chester University says Lavery won't get the $10,000 because he didn't make the shots each on the first try, as specified by the contract he signed beforehand:

A West Chester University freshman made the shot of his life during a halftime basketball contest yesterday. But, the half court shot he made was a second chance shot, and the athletic director says he won't be able to collect the $10,000 contest prize.

"This is really tough for me honestly. After all that celebration, they told me I'm not going to get it. I feel a little hurt," said finance major Jack Lavery, 18. "No one from West Chester has even reached out to me yet."

To add insult to injury, his parents promised to match the $10,000 if he won. In a way, this is all just a more painful version of this prank.

[NBC Philadelphia via Lost Letterman]


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