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Nike and Adidas Unveil Knit Soccer Cleats

(via @adidas)

(via @adidas)

The old saying "great minds think alike" apparently applies to athletic gear, as both Nike and Adidas have unveiled ultra-light knit soccer cleats in advance of this summer's World Cup in Brazil.

Nike has been using their Flyknit material in an increasing number of products, including the newest Kobe Bryant signature shoe, and the company claims it is a perfect fit for the pitch:

Providing improved fit, touch and traction, the boot is designed for the needs of the creative playmaker. Nike Flyknit technology has been engineered for football for the first time, allowing the foot to get closer to the ball and to deliver enhanced ball-feel and control.

(via Nike)


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Meanwhile, Adidas has unveiled two different knit cleats, one in the more common low top form, and another they are calling the world's first "all-in-one" cleat, with the shoe and sock melded into on piece. Hopefully it is washing machine safe, as that could take on some rank odors pretty quickly.

(via @adidas)

(via @adidas)

If you had to choose, it would seem that Nike has won this round, if only for this brilliant Andrés Iniesta Vine showing the shoe in action.