Wofford Senior Aerris Smith Gives Powerful Post-Game Interview Announcing End of His Career

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB-8qK2RI30]

It may get a little dusty in your office after listening to senior forward Aerris Smith's interview Tuesday evening after his Wofford Terriers defeated Western Carolina 56-53 -- capturing the Southern Conference championship and an automatic bid the NCAA tournament. Knee injuries limited Smith all season long and to only playing 10 minutes in the conference title game.

"Most people don't know this but this is my last game," Smith revealed after the game, starting to get choked up. "I'm getting surgery Wednesday... and this just means so much to go out on top." The interviewer asked, "So you're not going to the tournament?" Smith replied, "I made a decision -- I was going to give my all in this tournament, and they were going to go to the dance without me."

No text can do justice to Smith's raw emotion you can hear in the clip above. Smith contributed four rebounds in his 10 minutes and an incalculable amount of heart. If you're looking to advance an inspirational 15 or 16 seed in your bracket, look no further.


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