Here's a Marvelous Painting of George Washington Posterizing Kim Jong-un

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This breathtaking work of art resulted from a "strange" request on Reddit where one user hired another to create something based on these instructions:

There is not nearly enough art depicting our country's Founders playing basketball, a game which was not invented until 100 years after the final colony ratified the Constitution. I want this art...

I haven't quite decided on content, but I'm thinking either a team of Founding Fathers versus international enemies (think Kim Jong Eun — a real basketball fan) or versus a team of my least favorite players (think Andray Blatche). The game should probably take place in Philadelphia's basketball arena.

This is a strange but serious request.

A job very, very well done. I'm also really enjoying the idea that Abe Lincoln is floating around in some celestial Philadelphia gym wearing white basketball sneakers, blocking out Stalin.

I've been waffling on No. 9 George Washington against No. 8 Memphis in the East region, but now the choice seems obvious.