By Andy Gray
April 02, 2014

First Pitches of 2014 Season

Nolan Ryan may have struck out more batters than any man alive but he lost all control while throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before the Astros’ Opening Day victory over the Yankees on Tuesday. The Hall of Famer sent Astros legend Craig Biggio running to the backstop with a pitch nowhere near the plate. Couple that with the freak leg injury suffered by Angels hitting coach Don Baylor while catching Vladimir Guerrero's offering and you have a strange opening day at the ballpark. Not all first pitches were disasters, however, as the above gallery demonstrates.

Too Good To Be True

David Ortiz made headlines when he snagged a selfie with Barack Obama during the Red Sox visit to The White House yesterday. It even inspired me to lead P.M. Hot Clicks with a gallery of athletes taking selfies. As it turns out, the photo was part of a new campaign for Samsung as Ortiz has "a relationship" with the company.

New Sport Alert: Lingerie Fighting

The Lingerie Fighting Championship (LFC for short) makes its pay-per-view debut on April 11. 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Australia's Sheridyn Fisher makes a compelling case for becoming a vegetarian ... Is Julius Peppers dating one of Reggie Bush's ex-girlfriends ... Nick Young is dating Australian rapper Iggy Azalea ... Isabela Soncini knows her way around a bikini ... Maria Sharapova pranced around the beach during her Cancun vacation ... More proof that I take all LLOD requests seriously.

Cleansing Your Pallet

If that Ortiz news left a bad taste in your mouth, here are a few more positive items. The red, white and blue blazer Jonny Gomes wore to The White House yesterday will be auctioned off for charity.  Meanwhile, new Auburn coach Bruce Pearl also did his part for charity. And by "his part," I mean getting soaked in a fraternity dunk tank.

That Didn't Take Long

Desean Jackson signed with the Redskins this morning and his jersey (with the number TBD) is already on sale at the Redskins website. Speaking of Jackson, the photo in the background at his official contract signing has drawn a lot of attention today. For The Win has the story behind it.

More Proof that Tim Duncan is Good

Odds and Ends

MLB players will receive a $99 per diem during road games this season ... TSN has a solid collection of hockey card fails ... Giants manager Bruce Bochy wasted his replay challenge and it cost his team a run ... A high schooler in Georgia saved an umpire's life by giving him CPR during a game ... Jadeveon Clowney pulled off the "seven bag leap" during his Pro Day. He's the first person to ever achieve this ... Georgia coach Mark Richt is quite the artist ...  The 16 all-time worst hip-hop album covers ... The tallest and shortest men in Hollywood ... From yesterday: A look at the decision-making process for SI Swimsuit.

First Pitch Fails

We led Hot Clicks with a gallery of opening day first pitches. World Wide Interweb has compiled this video of disastrous first pitches. My favorite is the Kardashian clan (1:04 mark).

The Ultimate First Pitch Fails Compilation by worldwideinterweb

SI Swimsuit Does Pop-A-Shot 

SI held its annual March Madness party last week and made Natasha BarnardHannah FergusonCris Urena and Anastasia Ashley duke it out in Pop-A-Shot.

[si_cvp_video id="video_55FA6183-016E-E942-159B-22C9C61292A4"]

French Bulldog Fart Video of the Day 

This little guy is afraid of his own flatulence.

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