By Josh Sanchez
April 12, 2014

If you are having a bad day, take solace in the fact that you're not Julian, an Indiana University freshman who blew two great (and easy) opportunities during his recent appearance on Wheel of Fortune.

Julian first had a chance to win $1 million by simply pronouncing the word "achilles" correctly. Sadly, he must not have known much about mythology or anatomy because he said something along the lines of "A Chili's."

Later, Julian had an opportunity to redeem himself by winning a brand new car. Unfortunately, "The World's Fastest Man" was also too complicated of a puzzle for him to figure out (he had it down to "The World's Fastest -a-" but ended up guessing a "D" instead of an "M" or "N").

Then, in the final round, Julian incorrectly guessed "On-the-Spot Dicespin" -- instead of the correct phrase, which was "On-the-Spot Decision" -- to bring an end to one of the worst Wheel of Fortune outings we have ever witnessed.

Miraculously, Julian still managed to win the game, but he could have made out a lot better.



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