By Andy Gray
April 16, 2014

Kareem in 1969

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar turned 67 today and SI celebrated with this gallery of classic photos to mark the occasion. I dug through our photo archives to see what else I could find and came across a stash of 1969 photos. At the time, Abdul-Jabbar was still going by his birth name, Lew Alcindor. These photos - many of which have never before been seen -- were taken behind the scenes during the Final Four in Lousiville.

Johnny Manziel WAG Update

Move over Lauren Hanley. Johnny Football brought a new piece of eye candy to last night's Rangers game and her name is Kyndal Kyarie. 

In Quidditch News

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is working on a new series of updates from the (fictional) 2014 Quidditch World Cup.  I haven't read the Harry Potter books and still am not sure what exactly Quidditch is, but SI photographers visited the UMass-Amherst campus in 2009 to shoot students playing the popular sport (or whatever you classify it as).

Three Questions With Ariel Meredith

Big news. SI Swimsuit model Ariel Meredith is a cast member for Season 4 of Guy Code, which premieres tonight at 11 p.m. on MTV2. In addition to Ariel, this season features SI Swimsuit model Jessica Gomes, UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste, model April Rose as well as returning cast members Melanie Iglesias and Lisa Ramos. I spoke to Ariel about her new role: Congrats on the new gig. Describe the show to someone who's never seen it.

Ariel Meredith: It's mostly a discussion about topics -- dating, sex, etc -- and talking to guys about what's cool, what's not cool and what's breaking guy code. We also discuss relationships  and what guys should and shouldn't do. I hear you talk about swag all the time. Can you define that word for me.

Ariel Meredith: I do talk about swag a lot in the show. When you're in a relationship or even see a guy, you may be interested in them but it's all about their confidence or swag. If they don't have that, I just lose interest. Or a woman loses interest. If you're confident and have a cool swag, you're golden. Quick hypothetical: I see you at a bar and want to talk to you. Am I better off saying, "Hey, baby. You're fine. Let me get you a drink." Or should I say, "I'm sure you get this all the time but I'd love to buy you a drink."

Ariel Meredith: I think more modest, that's always better. As soon as you come up to a girl being like "Hey baby," you're in trouble.

Historical Trash Talk

Atlanta became the latest city to welcome a MLS franchise, and Columbus Crew fans went back to the Civil War for their trash talk.

What's the Difference Between American Football, Rugby and Australian Rules Football?

Glad you asked. This handy infographic should answer all your questions.

The San Antonio Spurs Take a Selfie

Odds and Ends

Another reason to love J.J. Watt ... Nationals fans are angry about this Orioles billboard, which sits fewer than seven miles from Nationals Park ... Excellent breakdown of who's at fault for letting MMA fighter Junior Maranhaos continue a bout after passing out cold in his corner between rounds ... SI's Andy Staples wrote about the NCAA's new unlimited food plan but I can't stop looking at the ribs photo at the top of the story ... The ratings for ESPN's Frozen Four coverage was up 56% from last year ... This woman made a resume out of Legos (and it's tremendous) ... How to put a Mustang on top of the Empire State Building.

What It's Like To Play Linebacker

Miami Hurricanes linebacker Denzel Perryman wore a camera on his helmet while participating in the school’s spring game. 

Want to Feel Old?

These little kids have no idea what a walkman is.

You've Never Seen Jenga Like This

Five Caterpillar Excavators played their own version of the popular game, using 27 blocks that weigh 600 pounds each. (Link via  FTW)

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