Toronto Sun Strikes Back at New York Daily News with 'Jurasskick Park' Headline

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While there have been quite a few tight series thus far during the NBA playoffs, the most fascinating rivalry may very well be between the headline writers at the Toronto Sun and the New York Daily News.

Shortly after the Toronto Raptors game 2 victory against the Brooklyn Nets, Sun headline writer Jon McCarthy tweeted this out:

Of course a closely contested five point game is not what most would refer to as an "asskick" but at this point the feud between the two publications has superseded all logic and reason.

The Sun's latest headline is a direct response to the New York Daily News', "Don't F*ck With Brooklyn" headline , which was a response to Raptors GM Masai Ujiri shouting "F*ck Brooklyn" at a rally prior to the Raptors loss to the Nets in Game 1.

And this war of words was all kicked off when the Toronto Sun wrote on their front page prior to the start of the series that "Garnett and Pierce are so old the Raptor (the team's mascot) had to ask their dad about them."