By Brendan Maloy
May 06, 2014

Teddy Bridgewater has had a tumultuous few months leading up to the draft. Some draft-watchers dropped him out of the first round after a rough Pro-Day, while others have the Louisville QB as the top prospect in the draft. Spike Lee's new mini-documentary on Bridgewater shows that the 21-year old learned to handle far greater obstacles a long time ago.

The video, which aired on Good Morning America as part of their run up to Thursday's draft, tells the story of Bridgewater's promise as a nine-year-old to buy his mother a pink Cadillac Escalade -- a color that took on added significance when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while Bridgewater was in high school.

If you can make it through these seven-and-a-half minutes without becoming a Teddy Bridgewater fan, then you are truly the Grinch, or Mike Mayock.


The Courier-Journal

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