By Nicole Conlan
May 12, 2014

You've seen him shirtless on a horse, you've seen him in a judo fight, and now you've seen Vladimir Putin leading a hockey team to victory. This Saturday Putin led a team of hockey stars, "including several former NHL players," to victory, according to the Huffington Post. And this isn't a Kim Jong Il situation -- apparently Putin scored 6 of the 21 goals himself.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, members of the opposing team didn't lay a finger on Putin during the game. Would you? Aside from the fear of personal injury or death at the hands of the Russian government, this is a man who has personally hugged a polar bear. Even if he couldn't have you put to death, could probably kill you himself.


According to Putin, "There are no winners or losers here. This is a friendly game." Looks like President Putin shares a common philosophy with his country man, Ilya Bryzgalov:

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