By Andy Gray
May 15, 2014

Neil Leifer in 1964

Neil Leifer is one of, if not the best sports photographer of all time. He shot his first Sports Illustrated cover at 18, in 1960, and 50 years ago was covering such sports as boxing, basketball, baseball, horse racing and football for the magazine. We collected 50 of Leifer's best photos from 1964 for this gallery. My 10 favorites are above.

Yao's Legal Battle

Yao Ming is being sued for .16 cents by a man in China because the fish oil capsules he took (and Yao endorses) didn't help improve his memory loss or poor eyesight.

Cake of the Day

A Kentucky fan created this 3-D cake of John Calipari.  Is this the greatest sports cake of all time?

(Throwback) Lovely Lady Of The Day

How have I done 16 Throwback Thursday LLODs and not featured Alicia Silverstone?

New Sneaker Alert: Air Jordans For Golf

Marcus Jordan, the youngest son of Michael Jordan, tweeted out an image of the retro Air Jordans for golfers. It's been a busy day on Twitter for Marcus, who not only sent out that image, but also corrected one of my earlier MJ tweets.

Best Sports Selfies

Total Pro Sports collected the 20 best sports selfies of all time. My favorite remains the gory face of Mitch Callahan.

Johnny Manziel vs. Most 21-Year-Olds


College Spun created this graphic comparing the Browns quarterback with the average 21-year-old male.

Odds and Ends

EA's NHL 14 has a truly awful soundtrack. Follow that link to get a thorough breakdown of each song ... Former West Virginia quarterback Pat White claims he turned down a corvette from Alabama to become a Mountaineer ... Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg wants the NCAA to move to an 18-second shot clock ... Macaulay Culkin and Ryan Gosling are in the greatest T-shirt war that's ever existed ... Funny (and somewhat gross) medical illustrations from the 19th century ... A woman who enrolled as a high school sophomore in Longview, Texas, was arrested after it was discovered she is really 31-years-old ... The top 20 science-fiction films of the 21st century.

Duke Lacrosse Does Iggy Azalea

The women's lacrosse squad made the best of an eight-hour layover. 

Time Lapse Video of the Day

The folks at Benjamin Moore updated the Wrigley Field marquee.

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