By Nicole Conlan
May 16, 2014


Earlier this week we brought you the story of Anara Antares' Twitter rant when she learned that her boyfriend, Samir Nasri, was not selected to be part of the French World Cup team.  Although she (sort of) apologized, things didn't blow over: Antares is now facing a civil suit from Didier Deschamps, France's manager.

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Deschamps' lawyers told press that he is filing a legal complaint for "public insult" against Antares after tweeting some four-letter-words about him on Twitter. The French Football Federation have released a statement supporting Deschamps' legal action, saying "FFF condemns the insulting sentiments against Mr. Didier Deschamps and fully supports his decision to respond."

Remember when your parents told you to watch what you put on Twitter because everyone can see it? Looks like they were right.



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