By Andy Gray
May 20, 2014

Draft Lottery: Classic Photos

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight and the Bucks (25%), 76ers (19.9%) and Magic (15.6%) have the best chance of claiming the No. 1 pick. I compiled my favorite draft lottery photos, including an ecstatic Gregg Popovich after the Spurs claimed the top pick it would later use on Tim Duncan.

Mass Pollution + Dead Bodies = Not Good For 2016 Olympics

The 2016 Rio Olympics are a little over two years away. Hopefully that will be enough time for the country to remove the trash and occasional dead floating body from Guanabara Bay, the site of both the sailing and windsurfing events.

R.I.P. Randy "Macho Man" Savage

Today marks the three-year anniversary of Randy Savage's death; Uproxx compiled some of his best videos. I recommend this profile we ran after Savage's death, focusing on his short-lived career in minor league baseball. This gallery is also worth your time. 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

As most of you know, SI Swimsuit model Emily Ratajkowski isn't afraid of a little nudity. SwimDaily examines the various states of Emily's SFW-ness ...The hottest photos of comedian Amy Schumer ... Charlize Theron got sporty for her Vogue photo shoot ... Bar Poly showed off her legs for Blazers Magazine ... Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens enjoyed some quality time together in Miami.

Fancy NFL Team of the Day

Kudos to the 49ers for not only signing several of their draft picks, but also having them do so with a quill pen.

Today in Adam Silver News

SI's Lee Jenkins penned a must-read profile of Adam Silver and his first 100 days as NBA commissioner. Not to be outdone, artist Jeff Lam created these must-have Adam Silver t-shirts that are both scary and awesome at the same time.

Believe in the Shield

The President's Race got ugly in D.C. last night as Abraham Lincoln was double-teamed by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The vicious assault, which many believe was orchestrated by William Howard Taft, left Lincoln on the ground with a human head protruding from his chest. The three scofflaws celebrated after the attack and showed from where they received their inspiration. 

Odds and Ends

SI's Grant Wahl has a detailed piece on how much players and federations get paid for participating in the World Cup ... Manchester City's Yaya Toure doesn't like to be disrespected on his birthday ... Why is Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard so good? It may be his oversized hands ... My friend Lee has some strong feelings on selfies in 2014 ... The Iron Sheik has some strong feelings (and harsh language, of course) on the Bobcats changing their name to Hornets ...  Drunk fish impress sober fish, according to a recent study ... A handy chart of who voices which characters on The Simpsons ... The 30 best music documentaries on Netflix.

Johnny Hockey

Johnny Gaudreau, the top prospect of the Flames, scores a ridiculous goal during the IIHF world championships in Minsk, Belarus.

Dodgeball Video of the Day

Dodgers teammates Drew Butera and Dee Gordon work on their dodgeball skills.

Billy on the Street

Billy plays "Would Drew Barrymore like that?" with special guest Drew Barrymore.

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