By Marc Weinreich
May 23, 2014


One of South Africa's biggest soccer team's, the Orlando Pirates, could be in some trouble after one of their players tweeted a photo of the team posing naked in the club's showers with the Nedbank Cup trophy.

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Pirates administrative manager Floyd Mbele said in the report on Friday that those players could face sanctions, but admitted that this situation is sort of unchartered territory for the club.

Oh, really? So there isn't a handbook of what to do if your players gather round the shower unclothed, covering their genitals and kissing a trophy?

My favorite part about this story is that the manager said that it's not that the players posing naked with the trophy that bothers him; rather it's the fact that it's out in the media.

So, I guess, lesson learned: If you and your friends are going to pose naked in the shower bro'ing out over a trophy, don't tweet it. Thanks, Pirates.


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