By Dan Treadway
June 06, 2014

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In case you happened to be hanging out in a nuclear bunker miles beneath the ground last night, let me catch you up a little.

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Thursday night's game between the Spurs and the Heat was fantastic. It was well-played, closely contested and we learned that Ray Allen still has a little Shuttlesworth in him. But none of this will ultimately be remembered because of a faulty air conditioning system at the AT&T Center, which likely led to LeBron James having to sit out the end of the game with severe cramps. Reasonable fans would say that the cramps were a shame, given the importance of the contest, but would hardly fault James because his body could not properly function (he was carried off the court by teammates). But alas, we are not living in the age of reasonable people. We are living in the age of Twitter. Below you can read the thoughts of several adults and Skip Bayless:

Jonathan Martin of all people was also criticizing LeBron:

He followed it up with this tweet that he later deleted:

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 8.14.01 AM

LeBron is endorsed by Powerade, so Gatorade of course felt inclined to weigh in on the incident:

These are the worst:

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