By Dan Treadway
June 16, 2014

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Newly drafted Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is apparently enjoying his life as a professional football player so far.

Video contains NSFW language

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In the video above, originally posted on Instagram, Johnny Manziel can be seen using what appears to be a fat stack of $1 bills to show off his wit and charm. Of course by now Manziel is decently aware of how fast pictures and videos can spread on social media -- this isn't even the first time he's had his picture taken flashing a bunch of money. While this video might make some question his focus, how it's ultimately received will probably be determined by whether Johnny Football performs on the field this upcoming season. If he's successful with the Browns, no one will care how he spends his time during the off-season. But if things happen to go south quickly, you can expect to see this footage in a 30 for 30 in about five years.


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